we offer complete support including replacement of all of Came's transmitters.
Including the programming guides downloadable from the main Came site.

All transmitters can be used in dual or multiple applications and can be programmed to operate gates, garage doors, Barriers and Rising Bollards as well as standalone wireless applications

Gate remote controls for Came Electric gates and garage door openers, complete range at great prices.
We can supply the following from stock: Mini Pink, T432S, T432NA, T434NA, T152, T154, T158, TCH-4024, TCH-4048, TWIN2, AT01, AT02, AT04, TAM432NA, TAM T434, TAM T438 and TamT432.

With electric gates and garage doors becoming more accessible to everyone

and security being more important in our daily lives, the replacement of your key fob transmitters is as important to us as selling you the automation equipment.

We pride ourselves on a quick delivery of your remote control.

We are glad to advise you on purchasing the correct one to suit.
Only Came transmitters generally work with Came products, however, We also sell a standalone receiver, which will work in unison with your Came product as well as operating another appliance from the same remote control. Please ask for details.

All key fob transmitters use a unique security code protocol, therefore these transmitters can only be used with the specific equipment for which they were made and will not be compatible with another manufacturers remote control system even if the radio frequency is the same.

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Came T432S Mini Pink
£35 inc vat and delivry
Mini Pink
Came T432NA
£35 inc vat and delivry
Came T434NA
£38 inc vat and delivry
Came T152
£44 inc vat and delivry
Came T154
£46 inc vat and delivry
Came T158
£48 inc vat and delivry
Came AT01
£39 inc vat and delivry
Came AT02
£40 inc vat and delivry
Came AT04
£44 inc vat and delivry
Came TAM432
£41 inc vat and delivry
Came TAM 434
£42 inc vat and delivry
Came TAM 438
£45 inc vat and delivry
Came TCH-4024
£44 inc vat and delivry
Came TCH-4048
£44 inc vat and delivry
Came TAM 432NA
£42 inc vat and delivry
£43 inc vat and delivry
All Remote controls are including delivery and VAT nothing will be added at the payment point.





















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Accessories including key switches, press to exit buttons and remote controls
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